Key to Orders of Trichomycetes

Trichomycetes are a cosmopolitan group of fungi and protists that grow obligately in the guts of insects, crustaceans, and millipedes that live in freshwater, marine, or terrestrial habitats. The taxonomy of these organisms is based primarily on morphology of the vegetative thallus; spore type and dimensions; host; and habitat.

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Key Author(s): R.W. Lichtwardt, University of Kansas, Lawrence KS USA and D.B. Strongman, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax NS Canada Key Version: 1.0
Key to the Dung Beetles of eastern New South Wales

This key enables the user to identify adults of the dung beetles (family Scarabaeidae, subfamily Scarabaeinae) found in NSW between the coast and the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range. The species included are those known to occur in this region, with additional species from the collection of the Australian Museum. It has been designed for use by people with a range of skill levels in the identification of insects. The terminology has been simplified as much as possible and notes and images are attached for each of the taxa and character states to assist in interpretation. Links to definitions are included for many terms, and an extensive glossary is also included.

We thank the scientists whose taxonomic work has allowed us to construct this identification guide: Eric Matthews (South Australian Museum), Geoff Monteith (Queensland Museum), Ross Storey (Queensland Department of Primary Industries) and Tom Weir (Australian National Insect Collection). Tom provided many identifications of the difficult species. Geoff Williams (Taree) made valuable comments on an early draft of the key.

Many thanks to our colleagues Gareth Carter, Michael Elliott and Rossanna Silviera, who provided feedback on the key or provided support at crucial stages of the project. Particular thanks to Matthew Bulbert, who took many of the beetle photographs.

Australian Museum

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Key Author(s): Australian Museum Key Publisher: Australian Museum Key Version: 1.0
Key to the Spilopyrinae of New South Wales

This interactive key enables the user to identify to genus the adult beetles of the subfamily Spilopyrinae occurring in New South Wales. The Spilopyrinae belong to the family Chrysomelidae (leaf-beetles) and are represented by four genera in New South Wales.

This key was created by Chris Reid and Kindi Smith of the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Research, Australian Museum, Sydney. The illustrations and key construction are by Kindi Smith and the descriptions and taxonomic decisions by Chris Reid.

The key has been constructed from examination of preserved specimens held at the Museum. The choice of genera and species is based on locality information taken from literature records and specimen data held by the museum.

The key has been designed for people with varying degrees of prior knowledge of beetles, from the general enthusiast to research scientist. The terminology has been kept simple but is supported by a glossary and illustrations.

All genera of Spilopyrinae known from New South Wales are included. At the time of writing the authors are unaware of any undescribed or additional described genera from this state.

Australian Museum

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Key Author(s): Chris Reid and Kindi Smith Key Publisher: Australian Museum Key Version: 1.0
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