About the key

The key is largely based on available literature (listed in the fact sheets), personal observations and herbarium specimen information. The aim of the key was to bring together the available information about the species and then to provide a tool for easier identification.

Despite the key there are still numerous taxonomic issues on generic as well as species level that needs to be addressed through thorough taxonomic revisionary studies. Although some attempt has been made to clarify species concepts in the key and fact sheets, it should not be regarded as a revision of the group.

Apart from a revision, there is also a need to do comprehensive fieldwork to establish the size of populations and assess the red list status of species. For a number of species there are very few specimens available in herbarium collections and for those it will be important to collect specimens and improve the descriptive and other information.

Images for the fact sheets were taken by me in the natural environment or from specimens housed in the National Herbarium (PRE) collection.

Another key to the everlastings of southern Africa can be found at: http://keys.lucidcentral.org/keys/v3/helichrysum/