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Frogs of the Solomon Islands

This key is designed for live specimens of the 21 frog species from the political Solomon Islands (excludes Bougainville). It is mainly for use with adult specimens but may be used for juveniles if body size is not used. We have included photographs or line drawings of the natural variation in most of the characters to help the user. We have also included photographs of each species and tried to incorporate the natural variation in morphology, particularly skin colour and patterning where applicable.

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Key Author(s): Clare Morrison and Patrick Pikacha Key Version: 1.0
Plant Pathogenic Fungi of New Zealand

This is a test key - please send any comments to

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Key Author(s): Hugh Neilson and Terry Stewart Key Version: Version 1
Pea Key

The Pea Key, an interactive key for Australian Pea-flowered Legumes, is an electronic identification system for all 1500 Australian native (presumed to be present in Australia prior to 1788) and naturalised (introduced species with self-maintaining ‘wild’ populations) species and sub-specific taxa in the Fabaceae form.

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Key Author(s): aaaa
Rice weed key

This is a test key - please send any comments regarding any problems in accessing this key or in the content of this key to -

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Key Author(s): To be advised
Key to Insect Orders

Using this unique keying software you do not need to know the taxonomy of the Insect Order you are trying to identify - you can progress from any level or characteristic learning as you go, solving the taxonomic problems by trial and error. This approach makes Key to Insect Orders suitable for secondary and tertiary education levels. This visually engaging key contains an extensive collection of exquisite insect drawings showing taxonomic details, video footage, text information on the Orders and beautiful photographic images of insect specimens.

Developed at The University of Queensland, Entomology Department.


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Key Author(s): UQ Entomology Staff Key Publisher: The University of Queensland Key Version: 1.0
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