The moss genus Orthotrichum in Switzerland

Taxonomic scope: Bryophytes

Description: The moss genus Orthotrichum is of particular interest in monitoring air pollution. This key contains 31 species known from Switzerland and adjacent countries. Nearly all characters are illustrated with microscopical photographs.

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Key Author(s): H. Hofmann, M. Lüth & A. Büschlen Key Version: 1.0
Thrips of Brazil

The Thysanoptera fauna of Brazil is one of the most diverse in the world. More than 530 species were described based on material collected in Brazilian territory and approximately 700 species are recorded from this country. This number represents more than 10% of the species described in the Thysanoptera. Besides the large number of species, the Brazilian fauna is also diverse in terms of ecology and life histories.

In this identification system, the user can identify the 6 Thysanoptera families that occur in Brazil.

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Key Author(s): Adriano Cavalleri, Laurence A. Mound, Mariana F. Lindner, Marcos Botton, Milton de Souza Mendonça Jr. Key Version: Feb 2018
Thrips of California

Thrips are all about us, whether naturally in the flowers, leaves and dead branches of native Californian plants, or as invasive pests in homes and crops. With this, the first overview in 40 years of a major part of the North American Thysanoptera fauna, the authors aim to interest more people in the biology of these fascinating insects, as well as provide an up-to-date teaching resource. Equipped with a good compound microscope, amateur and professional entomologists, biology students and their teachers, conservation and land managers, environmental consultants and anyone interested in the diversity of the natural world will value this remarkable tool.

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Key Author(s): Mark S. Hoddle, Laurence A. Mound, Dena Paris Key Publisher: CBIT Key Version: 09 ed.
Thrips of the British Isles

Thysanoptera Britannica et Hibernica

Thrips of the British Isles

This identification and information system includes 177 species of thrips that have been taken alive on the British Isles at least once. It provides a means of identifying species, together with an introduction to what is known of the biology and distribution of each species. The identification system is based largely on adult females as this is the life stage most commonly collected. Printed identification keys that similarly deal with adults of the British thrips fauna include Mound et al, (1976) and zur Strassen (2003), and for larvae an extensive introduction is provided by Vierbergen et al. (2010).

This publication should be cited as follows: Mound LA, Collins DW, Hastings A (2018). Thysanoptera Britannica et Hibernica - Thrips of the British Isles., Identic Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia.

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Key Author(s): Laurence Mound, Dom Collins, Anne Hastings Key Publisher: Identic Pty Ltd Key Version: 1.0
Thysanoptera Aotearoa (Thrips of New Zealand)

There have been few studies on the thrips of New Zealand. Most of the information presented in this system is derived from two Fauna of New Zealand volumes (Mound & Walker 1982; 1986). However, much of the data in those two volumes was derived from limited amounts of field work, both in space and time. Particularly missing are biological studies on thrips species that are native to New Zealand, with many of these remaining known from very few specimens.

Only for some Thripidae have there been studies on biology and host-plant range. Teulon & Penman (1990) produced outstanding data on the diversity of plants on which Thrips obscuratus breeds. Martin & Mound (2004) explored the host associations of several species, and Martin (2017) provided good data on the host plants of Panchaetothripinae in New Zealand.

For the many species of fungus-feeding Phlaeothripidae there have been no studies on biology or behaviour, although the sexual dimorphism and male polyphenism many such species exhibit suggests the existence of competitive behaviours.

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Key Author(s): Mound LA, Nielsen M & Hastings A Key Publisher:, Identic Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia. Key Version: 2017
Thysanoptera Chinensis

Thripidae Genera from China


This identification and information system includes 98 genera of the Thysanoptera family Thripidae that are thought to occur in China. This number is certain to increase, with expanding field studies on the Oriental and Holarctic components of the fauna of this highly diverse country.

This system provides information on biology and distribution wherever possible, but little is known about how most thrips species spend their lives. All thrips show some specificity in their host plant associations, and some species are fully dependent for survival on one, or a restricted range, of plant species. One objective of this user-friendly system is to encourage more students in China to discover the larval host plants on which particular thrips species are dependent to maintain populations.

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Key Author(s): Zhang SM, Mound LA, & Hastings A (2018). Thysanoptera Chinensis. Key Publisher:, Identic Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia. Key Version: 1.0
Timber Answers

Timber Answers provides technical information about wood properties, and uses of over 1 000 species of Australian and imported timbers, including those commonly grown in plantations.

The interactive selection tool allows species to be filtered and sorted according to a number of common properties.

Timber Answers provides technical data to help builders, designers and engineers choose which timber to use. It enables growers and processors optimise use of the timber resource.

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Tomato diagnostic key


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Key Author(s): NSW DPI Key Publisher: Identic Key Version: 0.1
Tortricids of Agricultural Importance

The family Tortricidae contains approximately 9,800 species, many of which are considered serious pests.

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Key Author(s): Todd M. Gilligan and Marc E. Epstein Key Publisher: APHIS Key Version: 1.0
Victoria/Tasmania pasture slection tool

Pasture selection tool for Victoria and Tasmania

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Key Author(s): Stuart Brown Key Version: 1.0
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